CLOCS-A Developer/Construction Accreditation

As a business, you are responsible for the safety of the community affected by your operations. CLOCS-A provides an effective solution to reduce risks associated with construction vehicle activity and the threat to vulnerable road users created by your development.

Vulnerable Road User (VRU) training must be completed by truck drivers and servicing construction sites before applying for accreditation.

By implementing the Construction Logistics Management Plan (CLMP) and Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP) and adopting the CLOCS-A Standard, you can achieve the following benefits:

  • Establish a commercial environment that prioritises safety throughout the supply chain.
  • Procure for compliance with the CLOCS-A Standard.
  • Minimise the impact of vehicles servicing the site, including the movement of goods, waste, and plants.
  • Reduce the risk of inconvenience and harm to the community.
  • Safeguard your investment and reputation.

As a major procurer of goods and services for maintenance and construction projects, you have the power to influence the behaviour of the entire supply chain. The CLOCS-A Guide, ‘Incorporating CLOCS-A in client procurement,’ outlines the key steps that public and private sector clients should take to include CLOCS-A in their procurement strategy.

What does the Standard require of Developers for Construction Projects?

Clients must:

  • Specify in the tender and contract documents that all stakeholders must comply with the CLOCS-A Standard.
  • Ensure that the project team develops and implements a suitable and sufficient CLMP (Construction Logistics Management Plan).
  • Ensure effective monitoring of compliance with the CLOCS-A Standard.
  • Obtain and monitor the contractor’s action plan to address all identified issues and non-compliances.
  • Ensure that all collisions that result in harm (and near-miss incidents) that occur on journeys associated with the project are quickly investigated, and corrective actions taken to prevent recurrence.

Become a CLOCS-A Champion

A CLOCS-A Champion is committed to:

  • Having at least 20%(TBC) of its sites formally reviewed by the CLOCS-A team.
  • Having a clear plan to get the majority of its sites to be CLOCS-A compliant within two years.
  • Having a clear plan to encourage other organisations to adopt the CLOCS-A Standard.

Implementation and Communication Plan (ICP)

CLOCS-A Champions are party to a Memorandum of Understanding with the CLOCS-A Sponsor. An implementation plan provides a headline statement of corporate intent to implement and comply with the CLOCS-A Standard.

You will require headline figures to indicate the overall scale of your operations, including the approximate number and location of sites you have across Australia where construction vehicles regularly visit and could implement the national CLOCS-A Standard.