Advantia Transport Consulting Launches Free Online Industry Tool, Payload Pilot

At Advantia Transport Consulting, we are excited to share our latest industry tool, Payload Pilot. Launching on 1 May 2024, it is an online tool which is freely available to the heavy vehicle industry that calculates the Static Rollover Threshold (SRT) of any Performance Based Standards (PBS) and non-PBS vehicle combinations. Knowing the SRT increases operational productivity, compliance with industry codes of practice and more importantly, improves road safety for all.

New Changes to Industry

Identifying a minimum SRT is increasingly being utilised in the heavy vehicle industry and is included in the draft Timber Transport Code of Practice as well as the National Transport Commission’s (NTC) Load Restraint Guide. These codes of practice set an acceptable SRT but offer little to no guidance on how to determine a combination’s SRT.

This highlighted an area of need for the whole heavy vehicle industry and led to the development of Payload Pilot. Its purpose, to provide localised, accurate, technical SRT information to all heavy vehicle drivers at no cost.

Advantia approached the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) who fully supported the project and, together with the Commonwealth Government, provided funding to develop the tool for the industry.

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