Aurecon kicks off CLOCS-A Monash Masters Student project to protect vulnerable road usersalong haulage routes

Monash University Logistics Masters student Dion Verstandig who is a Student Consultant with Aurecon has commenced as part of his final year project titled:

Freight mode selection tool to assist with the construction logistics plan to minimise risks to vulnerable road users (VRU) along haulage routes, whilst considering travel efficiency.

Dion is in his final semester at Monash University studying an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and Commerce.

The Masters project builds on Aurecon’s development of the Human Impact Route Assessment (HIRA) Tool which was developed for VicRoads to assist major infrastructure projects in collaboratively deciding upon the lowest risk freight routes to VRU.

The HIRA tool has been used by Australia’s largest public transport related infrastructure projects to help collaboratively decide on the lowest risk transport routes to supply them.

The Objective of Dion’s project:

  • The objective is to provide a complimentary grading system to the HIRA Tool that determines the most appropriate freight mode when travelling from a construction site. 


  • It is required to conduct a series of case studies on projects that have used alternative transport modes and determine what enabled them to do that. This information is to be used to create a tool that helps assess planned construction sites to see if they meet the criteria to enable some of these modes. 
  • Develop a framework that can be used to determine the viability of various freight modes for the transportation of materials to and from construction sites

The project illustrates how student research projects can collaborate with industry und the CLOCS-A program by drawing on insights and expertise form industry partners.

The project is a great example of a leading industry partner such as Aurecon sharing the responsibility for road safety.