CLOCS-A iMOVE Industry-based Undergraduate Project with Swinburne University

At the forefront of CLOCS-A is safety. The focus is on helping protect vulnerable road users from interaction with heavy vehicles operating on construction projects. Industry buy-in is crucial for this to be possible. One key element is efficiency and reduced red tape. To help, CLOCS-A has engaged with iMove through Swinburne University, where an amazing student team has been selected. This will be part of their final year undergraduate project.

The student project is seeking to develop a secure CLOCS-A app that can:

  • Provide an identifying code for each driver, truck and site to assist with a seamless transition on/off of CLOCS-A sites.
  • Identify real-time locations to assist with route compliance.
  • Secure storage of documents to ensure evidence of compliance against CLOCS-A requirements.
  • Give drivers the ability to provide hazard logs.
  • User-friendly interface.

The project is an example of the CLOCS-A collaborative approach where student researchers can make valuable contributions to industry objectives as part of their course work. iMOVE will help link students to industry partners to undertake short-term research projects under industry and university guidance. The project will be concluded by October.

The critical success factors for this project are:

  • Endorsement by truck drivers and their companies
  • Endorsement by major contractors
  • Supported by regulators and government agencies

The project is supervised by Dr Hadi Ghaderi and Dr Dana Rezazadegan and includes the student team:

  • Tristan Sly
  • Hamza Ahmed
  • Amelia Chin
  • James Vovos

The project team is currently working with Jerome Carslake and Michael Holmes as industry partners.