CLOCS-A Masters By Research (Communications Design) Awarded To Rohan Gerrard

The NRSPP is proud to announce the awarding of Swinburne University Construction Logistics and Community Safety Australia (CLOCS-A) Masters by Research (Communication Design) to Rohan Gerrard.

As the CLOCS-A Masters student, Rohan will examine the breadth and implementation of a Communication Design strategy for CLOCS-A. He will be required to review and evaluate existing public awareness campaigns, behaviour change campaigns and other case studies. As part of the Masters Rohan will be involved in discussion and consultation with various stakeholder groups in the development of concept and design of communications, including prototyping, testing and evaluating communications across a range of media in growing CLOCS-A awareness, support and adoption.

Established in 2021, CLOCS-A is bringing together industry, researchers, major projects and government transport departments to provide the collaborative governance basis to develop and establish an industry-led program. CLOCS-A aims to fundamentally change how the construction industry manages road safety by developing specifications for vehicle operation, vehicle safety equipment and driver training in collaboration with the sector and engagement with vulnerable road user (VRU) representative groups.

Rohan will work closely through Technical Group 4: Communications and Advocacy. The fundamental questions which will be explored by the Masters include:

  1. What are effective strategies to engage with diverse stakeholders to establish road safety within the construction of major infrastructure projects?
  2. How can these strategies be used to make business case?
  3. What are the best methods to evaluate the effectiveness of CLOCS-A to the various stakeholders?

A number of communications related CLOCS-A projects are underway which Rohan will be able to take the lead on delivering such as:

  • Ride Along – providing the diverse stakeholders of CLOCS-A to experience of a truck trip on one of Australia’s largest infrastructure so they can see through a truckie’s eyes the pressures relating to urban travel.
  • CLOCS-A Local Government Authority (LGA) Business Case – working with CLOCS-A local government members such as Mount Baw Baw, Sutherland Shire Council and Toowoomba Shire Council build, implement and evaluate an engagement plan for CLOCS-A LGA adoption.
  • CLOCS-A Case Studies – five case studies have been prioritised from the 30 which have been identified and will be developed based on the template developed by Sydney Metro as part of its future contract requirements.