CLOCS-A Standard Version 1.0 Current as of 9 May 2023

Australian governments are committed to an expected

$290 billion in public infrastructure investment over the

next 10 years – including an approximate doubling of

investment over the next three years. This will mean

a wave of construction projects mostly relating to

transport, utilities and social infrastructure. Many of

these projects will be in cities, towns and urban areas.

As a direct result of this increase in construction activity,

the number of heavy vehicle movements related to and

in those project locations will also increase significantly.

Recognising that the movement of construction heavy

vehicles in populated areas can present hazards for

the community – particularly Vulnerable Road Users –

both State and Commonwealth governments seek to

prioritise and promote the use of safer heavy vehicles,

improved driver standards, more effective logistics

planning and greater engagement with the community

on road safety initiatives.

Construction Logistics and Community Safety – Australia

(“CLOCS-A”) is a national voluntary Standard developed

with the primary aim of managing the risks and impacts

associated with a construction project’s on-road

transport and logistics activities to improve community

road safety.

This standard is the result of the collective effort of

industry champions involved in construction projects and

the supply chain.

Through the wider adoption of the CLOCS-A Standard

across Australian construction projects and supply

chains, it is expected that the risk of road trauma

involving construction vehicles will be reduced and the

efficiency of construction project logistics improved.

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