CLOCS-A Transport For London Steering Group Letter Of Support

This resource was sourced from NRSPP: CLOCS-A Transport For London Steering Group Letter Of Support

Transport for London (TfL) has provided a letter of support to NRSPP to become a Steering Group (SG) Partner in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which will underpin the development of Construction Logistics and Community and Safety in Australia (CLOCS-A)

The MoU reflects the agreement between SG Partners to work together to improve the safety and operational efficiency of construction infrastructure projects. The SG will specifically act as a catalyst and champion to guide the establishment of CLOCS-A.

The NRSPP will continue to lead the development and establishment of the collaborative CLOCS-A initiative and to Chair the Steering Group. The program looks forward to being able to handover a sustainable program, which over time will transform the construction logistics safety in Australia, as it has in the United Kingdom.

The power of CLOCS is the ability of Government infrastructure projects to share the responsibility for road safety by establishing a minimum safety standard in relation to the companies which are contracted to deliver services and the way they interact with the community.

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