CLOCS Safety Forum #22

The Road to Zero Harm

The principal aim of CLOCS is zero fatalities or serious injuries from construction related vehicle movements and a whilst we focus much of our attention on how to avoid collisions with vulnerable road users, there are also a number of suicides each year that we perhaps know less about, and therefore don’t understand the role we might play in avoiding such tragedies.

In this latest CLOCS Safety Forum, we were joined by Ros Walker, Principal Behavioural Science Consultant at TRL, and Anne-Marie Penny, Senior Road Safety Policy Adviser at National Highways, to look at The Road to Zero Harm – reducing the risk of suicide related deaths for road users.

At National Highways everyone’s safety matters. They understand the devastating effect suicide can have and how this touches so many people and communities.  They recognise that they are part of a community-based approach to preventing suicide and work hard to influence and support wherever they can.

National Highways estimate that there are around 50-60 suicides each year on the strategic road network (SRN) and a significantly higher number of attempts.  National Highways want to have a network where no one will attempt to take their own life. We all have a role to play in making our network a safe place for all. We all need to be aware of and understand our approach to suicide prevention and the roles and responsibilities each of us has.

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