CLOCS Standard: Version 3 – January 2019

This resource was sourced from NRSPP: CLOCS Standard: Version 3 – January 2019

Executive Summary

CLOCS mission

Ensuring the safest construction vehicle journeys.

Primary goals

  • zero collisions between construction vehicles and the community
  • improved air quality and reduced emissions
  • fewer vehicle journeys
  • reduced reputational risk


The CLOCS Standard shall be applied to all construction projects/programmes.

The CLOCS Standard is a national industry standard. It defines the primary requirements placed upon the key stakeholders associated with a construction project. The CLOCS Standard places responsibilities and duties on the regulator, the client, the principal contractor controlling the construction site and the supply chain including the operator of any vehicles servicing the project.

These duties relate to community considerations likely to be impacted by the project. They require the adoption of a Construction Logistics Plan (CLP) and planned measures to minimise impact and eliminate harm to the community.

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