Webinar: Adapting UK’s Construction Logistics And Community Safety Initiative To Australia

This resource was sourced from NRSPP: Webinar: Adapting UK’s Construction Logistics And Community Safety Initiative To Australia

CLOCS is an industry-led programme, sponsored by Transport for London (TfL), with the aim of fundamentally changing the way the construction industry manages road safety. It was developed following a number of recommendations from an independent report by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) highlighting the overrepresentation of construction heavy vehicles involved in fatal collisions with cyclists during London’s construction boom and has since become its own standalone standard across the United Kingdom. CLOCS has saved lives, improved efficiency and provided consistency and certainty for the construction and transport sector.

The National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) recognised the opportunity of broader adaption of a CLOCS approach in Australia and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with TfL to develop a local version which would be known as CLOCS-Australia (CLOCS-A). TfL and NRSPP held a webinar in 2016 exploring the benefits of CLOCS.

This webinar will explore:

  • The major infrastructure projects underway in Australia, the opportunity and associated risks with a focus on Vulnerable Road Users
  • How TfL used their major infrastructure projects to establish CLOCS, the benefits to industry, govt and the community by TfL’s Peter Binham
  • How Sydney Metro has adapted CLOCS into its safety standards and contracts by Jon Lamonte, Chief Executive, Sydney Metro
  • What safety standards in project contracts represent to Hanson, by Scott Tipping
  • The adaption of CLOCS Sharing the Safely education program for truck drivers to Melbourne for Victorian Government by Amy Gillett Foundation (AGF) by Dr Marilyn Johnson
  • Work done to date – Draft Guide
  • Next steps, short and long term objectives
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