Welcome To Our Newest Supporting Partner, Lime

CLOCS-A is happy to welcome on board our new Supporting Partner, Lime.

Who Are Lime?

Lime is a global shared mobility company, providing e-bicycles and e-scooters, to enable more people to choose low carbon travel for short journeys. Safety is our number one priority, and we recognise the importance of the work of CLOCS-A in improving national standards to help make the roads safer for people who walk, ride bikes, e-scooters and motorbikes

What Are Lime’s Key Values?
  • Safety
  • Sustainable
  • Community
  • Innovation

What Are The Commitments And Actions Which
Lime Will Develop and Share Through CLOCS-A?

Lime commits to champion the work of CLOCS-A, provide insights into the use, issues and safety concerns of e-scooter users, provide insights as they become available into new technologies or safety data that may help the work of CLOCS-A.