Advanced Braking Calculator Developed

Source by NRSPP

The ARTSA Institute has developed an advanced Braking Calculator to assist vehicle technicians, engineers such as Accredited Vehicle Examiners (AVEs), and regulators to assess and potentially improve the braking performance of multi-heavy vehicle combinations.

The beta version of calculator is user friendly and free to use for accredited users (see training below) and can be used to design and check heavy vehicle service-, emergency- and parking-brake systems. A feedback button will allow users to make suggestions on how to improve the calculator – visit for further information.

Because of the complexity of brake design, only accredited users that have been through two half day web-based training and assessment sessions will be given access.

The training will provide detailed information about heavy vehicle braking systems and be of great benefit to industry personnel involved in maintaining, developing and regulating heavy vehicle braking systems. To register for the course, go to