CLOCS-A Corporate Memberships

CLOCS-A membership offers construction organisations a tailored platform to navigate the complexities of modern construction logistics. By joining, members gain access to a collaborative environment where they can influence and track industry standards, prioritising safety, efficiency, and community involvement. Through shared knowledge and best practices, CLOCS-A empowers its members to drive positive change and uphold the highest standards of safety and sustainability in construction projects.

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Members can also benefit from:

  • Public recognition of your commitment to community safety
  • Guidance and support for the implementation of the CLOCS-A standard
  • Networking opportunities
  • Active participation in shaping the industry for a safer community
  • Media spotlight
  • Training access for your staff

A CLOCS-A member commits to:

  • Sharing a clear plan to have most of its sites and/or fleet operating centres become CLOCS-A-compliant within two years
  • Encouraging other organisations to adopt the CLOCS-A Standard
  • Strongly recommending that its key supply chain partners also become CLOCS-A members

CLOCS-A members are parties to the CLOCS-A Memorandum of Understanding and CLOCS-A Terms of Reference.

Join CLOCS-A today to be part of a community dedicated to shaping the future of construction logistics!

CLOCS-A Corporate Memberships are divided into four distinct groups.

Select the membership group and tier that best suits your organisation’s needs and become a part of CLOCS-A today!

Government Membership

Construction/Developers Membership

Support Services Membership