Technical Group 3: Logistics and Planning


This Technical Group 3 for Logistics and Planning is established to develop supporting standards, policies and tools for CLOCS-A in relation to the safe and efficient transport logistics for construction projects.  



  1. Tools and systems need to be underpinned by evidence.
  2. Tools and guidance need to be relevant, intuitive, adaptable and scalable depending upon the size of the project and/or entities/organisations using the tools and guidance.
  3. What is developed can be applied and shared across the entire industry – one standard.
  4. Where possible, build on what already exists and is being used and then look to adapt.
  5. Contributions and background Intellectual Property are all acknowledged and once agreed is identified as CLOCS-A.
  6. The Technical Group 3 is a contributor within the CLOCS-A eco-system and where appropriate will ensure the outputs align with other Technical Groups.
  7. Meetings can be held virtually and as required.
  8. In the unlikely event the Technical Working Group disagree in a recommendation are referred to the Steering Group to resolve.
  9. Reflect the original purpose of CLOCS-A which is community safety.

Technical Group Partners