CLOCS-A Auditor

In today’s world, safety, sustainability, and responsible construction practices are becoming more critical than ever before. CLOCS-A seeks to ensure that these standards are met by inviting auditors to join our team.

By becoming part of the CLOCS-A auditors, you will be working alongside a network of experts dedicated to promoting excellence in safety and community impact. This platform provides you with the opportunity to share your insights, collaborate with stakeholders, and contribute to the collective efforts to create safer, more sustainable construction logistics practices.

Download brochure here.

Join us and make a difference by using your knowledge and commitment to the highest safety and community standards to shape the construction landscape of Australia.

To ensure a smooth registration process, please take a moment to review the resources provided on this page.

Auditor Registration

*All auditors are required to have an iPad or Tablet with photo capability as part of their personal tool kit to undertake site inspections and assessments.


  1. Create a CLOCS-A account and register as a CLOCS-A Auditor here.
  2. Read the code of professional ethics, terms and conditions first as you will be asked to agree to these.
  3. Read the CLOCS-A Standard and the Heavy Vehicle Inspection Guide in order to prepare for your assessment.
  4. Complete the audit assessment. The minimum score to pass the exam is 85%.
  5. Failed the audit assessment? You can retake it in two days’ time (only two attempts permitted)
  6. Pay for the registration fee.
  7. An e-certificate will be sent after payment is confirmed.
  8. Check your inbox periodically for your invitation to audit.

Auditor Application Fees

Auditor Registration Fee (on Application)

  • $250 + GST on application
  • $750 + GST for assessment/registration

Ongoing Annual Registration Fee for Auditor

  • Yearly registration fee $750 + GST on application