CLOCS-A Standard

For infrastructure projects that choose to participate in the CLOCS-A scheme, there will be various requirements or standards to meet in terms of the heavy vehicles, drivers, logistics planning and communications. There will not be just a single list of requirements for participation in the scheme – but three different levels of requirements. Bronze, Silver and Gold.


Project Rating Tool

Upon first entering the CLOCS-A scheme, a client’s project will be given a rating, and the various participants in that project will nominally require CLOCS-A accreditation at that level or higher. This tool provides this initial rating for individual infrastructure projects and is required to facilitate this process.




0 to 3.0

3.0 to 4.0

4.0 to 5.0

Project Variables12345
Total project cost0 to $5m$5m to $50m$50m to $500m$500m to $1b> $1b
Usual Resident Population (URP) density
(people / km2) in the 1square kilometre area
of land surrounding the project site entrance 

< 500
500 to 2,0002,000 to 5,0005,000 to 8,000> 8,000
Average daily number of HV
visits into the project site
< 1010 to 2525 to 5050 to 100> 100
Distance (along the approved route)
from the project site entrance to an
arterial road or highway
< 0.5kms0.5 to 1.0kms1 to 2kms2 to 5kms> 5kms
Number of the following items on the last
5km of the approved route(s) to the project
site entrance:
School zones
Pre-schools or childcare centres
Pedestrian crossings
Shopping  centres
Sporting Fields
01 to 34 to 66 to 10> 10
Highest (2-way) traffic density (vehicles/day) on
any section of road in the last 1km of the approved
route to the project site entrance
< 500500 to 3,0003,000 to 10,00010,000 to 50,000> 50,000
Number of intersections within the last 5kms of the
prescribed route into and out of the project site
entrance that will require a left turn by a heavy vehicle
05 to 1015 to 2020 to 25> 25