Australia is undergoing an unprecedented $200 billion major infrastructure build in our cities for at least a decade. And key to its success is trucks, without them none of these can be delivered. This means more trucks on our roads and increased risk of interactions between them and cyclists, pedestrians and motor bike riders. People make mistakes when on the roads and when it involves a truck it is often fatal. CLOCS-A is about reducing the impact of these mistakes such that all road uses are more aware and understanding and tolerant of each other on the road.


Construction Logistics and Community Safety – Australia (CLOCS-A) is a national good practice approach for managing the risks and impacts associated with a construction project’s on-road transport and logistics activities to community road safety. It was developed to provide a consistent framework for industry to achieve and has been inspired by the success of the Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) program established in the United Kingdom in reducing road trauma associated with construction logistics. The primary goal of CLOCS-A is that a similar reduction in lives lost and serious injuries can be achieved locally on our roads in Australia.

The CLOCS-A Program has since established a Steering Group (SG) and Supporting Partner (SP) group through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which formalises the relationship between the SG and SP organisations to work together collaboratively in improving road safety and the operational efficiency relating to the logistics of the construction of infrastructure projects.

CLOCS-A has received key funding through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s (NHVR) Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative, supported by the Commonwealth Government to progress its objective to improve road safety for all road users through providing industry with a consistent good practice standard for the management of safety in construction logistics.

Origins of CLOCS-A


Major infrastructure projects in Australian cities begin

This helped cities grow economically by moving it’s people safely and efficiently


Building foundations of trust and understanding

Facilitated through the CLOCS and FORS webinars


MOU between NRSPP, Transport for London and Melbourne Metro

Establishment of bi-monthly meetings where knowledge, learnings and issues were shared


ARRB, NRSPP, AGF and Melbourne Metro submit a proposal to the NHVR Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative (HVSI)

Secured $110,000 of funding for a stage one approach that included a CLOCS-A Beta Website, a Draft Guide and an Implementation Plan


Building Collaboration

NRSPP forms CLOCS-A Steering Group (SG)

ARRB releases Draft Guide, beta website and implementation plan

CLOCS-A SG hold a webinar


Furthering support for CLOCS-A

CLOCS-A Memorandum of Understanding formed

CLOCS-A SG submit application to NHVR HVSI

CLOCS-A SG submit application to NHVR HVSI successful and funding is secured