Gold Standard

The highest standard of equipment that is being sought for heavy vehicles complying with CLOCS-A technical requirements. Encourages leading safety technologies & to future-proof vehicles.

Accreditation requires the fitment of telematics plus compliance to a minimum of 4 of the remaining standards where applicable.

Accreditation to Gold also requires prior accreditation to Bronze.


Fit a telematics system to the truck with position monitoring, driver behaviour monitoring and fatigue management.

Electronic Stability Control – Trucks

Have trucks fitted with an Electronic Stability Control system – ESC.

Roll Stability Control for Trailers – RSC

Where a trailer is included in a heavy vehicle combination, have the trailer equipped with a Roll Stability Control system – RSC.

Advanced Emergency Braking System – AEBS

Have trucks fitted with an Advanced Emergency Braking System – AEBS.

Autonomous Reverse Braking – ARB

Have vehicles fitted with an Autonomous Reverse Braking system – ARB.

ADR 80/04 Emission Standards (Euro VI)

The use of trucks with engines that comply with Euro VI emission standards.


Zero Emission Vehicles

The use of trucks with a zero emission drive train.