CLOCS-A Case Study – CLOCS-A and Holcim’s Truck Ride Along Program Case Study

Transportation is the backbone of our economy, and trucks are the workhorses that keep it moving. Yet, for many road users, these vehicles are seen as an inconvenience or nuisance on the road. Truck drivers are highly skilled professionals who face complex challenges on the road and at construction sites. They must always remain calm and collected, ensuring that their cargo reaches its destination safely and efficiently. Despite their vital role, truck drivers often find themselves at odds with other road users who are unaware of the unique challenges and limitations they face. Many road users lack the knowledge necessary to safely interact with trucks on the road, which is a critical safety risk on our roads. Drivers commonly exhibit unsafe driving behaviours around trucks, such as following too closely, staying in a truck’s blind spot, or making abrupt movements or lane changes.

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