CLOCS Safety Forum #21

The Human Factor in Fleet Safety

April 2024

The principal aim of CLOCS is zero fatalities or serious injuries from construction related vehicle movements and a key part of achieving that aim is understanding the underlying causes for such incidents.

While much work has been done across the industry to ensure that the vehicles that move our materials from A to B are as safe as possible, what do we do to ensure those driving our vehicles are equally prepared?

In this latest CLOCS Safety Forum, Karl Wilshaw, Fleet Director for Travis Perkins and Dr Lisa Dorn, Associate Professor of Driver Behaviour at Cranfield University and Founder of PsyDrive discussed the human factor in fleet safety.

Travis Perkins plc is the UK’s largest distributor of building materials and a leading partner to the construction industry. As part of the Group’s commitment to continuous improvement, the business commissioned a study which involved a comprehensive literature review of existing human factors research to investigate ways of improving fleet safety.

The research project spanning across two years, conducted by Dr Lisa Dorn, concluded that without regular practice, people experience skill decay, and cognitive skills such as decision-making are particularly vulnerable. Understanding the basic neuroanatomy involved is key.

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