Load Restraint Guide 2018

The Load Restraint Guide is a modular document: you can use each module independently of the others. Where relevant, the guide will point you to other modules for more information. The Load Restraint Guide is made up of six modules:

1. Overview – important foundational information about load restraint, including why you need to restrain your load, what your legal obligations are, load restraint methods, and key elements that make up a load restraint system.

2. Loads – advice on restraining specific load types such as sheets and flat loads, or bales, bags and sacks.

3. Vehicles and equipment – information about standard vehicle structures and equipment used in restraining loads.

4. Working out load restraint – examples of specific load restraint cases to help you determine how much load restraint you’ll need.

5. Certification – why you should have a load restraint system certified and who should do it, as well as a template that can be used by certifiers.

6. Technical advice – more detailed information on load restraint calculation. This module is aimed at engineers and designers but can be read by anyone wanting to better understand load restraint.

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