Unveiling of the Australian Work Zone Memorial to honour Fallen Road Workers

The Traffic Management Association of Australia (TMAA) has unveiled the Australian
Work Zone Memorial to pay tribute to Australian road workers who have lost their lives
while carrying out their duties in active worksites.

Inspired by a similar 2002 project launched by the American Traffic Safety Services
Foundation in the United States, TMAA’s memorial honours the lives lost in work zones and
serves as a reminder to policymakers and drivers about the human impact of work zone

“While the Memorial contains the names of three traffic controllers today, we know that the
list will inevitably get longer. This motivates us at TMAA to do everything we can to improve
the safety of our colleagues on the road,” said Andrew White, President of TMAA.

“Everyone has a right to get home safe to their loved ones, every day, no exceptions. We
all need to make sure that we drive so that others survive. This includes obeying road rules
and not speeding in work zones,” said Peter Frazer OAM, President of SARAH Group.
By unveiling the memorial as part of the annual Road Worker Day of Remembrance on
November 9, TMAA hopes to encourage the industry and our community to consider the
human cost of work zone incidents.

More information about the Australian Work Zone Memorial and how to submit names for
inclusion is available on TMAA’s website at https://tmaa.asn.au/work-zone-memorial.

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