What does the infrastructure boom mean for road safety?

Australia is going through an unprecedented infrastructure build which will only accelerate in the wake of the COVID crisis as more funding is allocated for infrastructure development.

Nationally, there’s nearly $100 billion worth of infrastructure development currently underway, or in the pipeline.

Community benefits from these projects, both during the building process and upon completion, will be immense.

But what isn’t spoken about often enough is the scale of the freight task which comes with each of these projects.

With so much building going on as part of this infrastructure boom, we can expect to see many more trucks on Australia’s roads transporting key materials needed to underpin our infrastructure development.

Often, these vehicles are travelling right through the heart of our cities and towns – providing a new set of challenges to communities, truck drivers and those involved in construction logistics.

The new CLOCS-A Guide aims to improve construction logistics safety around the community, and reinforce safe practices for companies, drivers and asset managers.

In this short video, Stephanie Davy from the Australian Road Research Board explains more about the challenges faced, and how the CLOCS-A Guide can help deal with them.