CLOCS-A Accreditation

The construction industry in Australia is undergoing significant changes, and the Construction Logistics and Community Safety – Australia (CLOCS-A) Accreditation sets the standard for excellence in construction logistics and community well-being. CLOCS-A accreditation represents a commitment to safety, sustainability, and responsible construction practices.

By obtaining CLOCS-A Accreditation, organisations demonstrate their dedication to promoting a safety culture and community awareness. This not only showcases leadership in the construction sector but also contributes to shaping industry standards.

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Become part of the group that prioritises safety and community impact, as CLOCS-A Accreditation becomes the symbol of a forward-thinking and responsible approach to construction logistics in Australia. Embark on this journey of distinction today!


Organisations seeking to become accredited with the CLOCS-A Standard must undergo an entry audit and be approved by the CLOCS-A Auditor to earn the title of “Accredited CLOCS-A organisation.”

Within the first three months of applying for accreditation, the CLOCS-A entry audit must be completed. Passing the entry audit requires achieving zero non-conformances (NCR) or identifying only opportunities for improvement (OFI).

In the event that an organisation does not successfully pass the initial entry audit, they will be given the chance to complete a follow-up audit or review to demonstrate the successful resolution of the initial entry-audit findings, this would require a further fee.

Accreditation to CLOCS-A is granted from the date listed on the CLOCS-A Accreditation certificate and remains valid for a period of 12 months at which time the accreditation must be reviewed and renewed.

Accreditation to the CLOCS-A Standard is renewed through passing the biennial self-assessment or a CLOCS-A reaccreditation audit every other year.

Vulnerable Road User (VRU) training must be completed by truck drivers and servicing construction sites before applying for accreditation.

Accreditation Tiers

For infrastructure projects that fall under the CLOCS-A standard, there will have various requirements to meet in terms of the heavy vehicles, drivers, logistics planning and communications. There will not be just a single list of requirements for participation in the standard – but three different levels of requirements e.g. Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Project Rating Tool

Upon first entering the CLOCS-A scheme, a client’s project will be given a rating, and the various participants in that project will nominally require CLOCS-A accreditation at that level or higher. This tool provides this initial rating for individual infrastructure projects and is required to facilitate this process.

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